Alternative Startup Funding and Working with Angel Investors

Visit our meeting with Alex Golod and find out how to connect with angel investors for your idea or business.

May 2 at 18:00.

Pobeditelei 7A, 15 floor, 44 office

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Minsk, Belarus


ABOUT THE speaker

Alex Golod

Alex Golod is an Angel Investor, and a Global Technology Sourcing Expert with over 20 years in Technology field. Currently Alex serves as an advisor, mentor (2112 Creative Incubator, Starta Ventures, Quake Capital), and an angel investor for multiple US and global technology centric startups. Also, Alex is an active member at Chicago ArchAngels, group providing risk capital to for early stage and seed stage innovative companies in the Midwest and around North America, as well as a member of AngelsBand, first Belarusian Business Angel Network.

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about the Event

Alex Golod

The presentation will cover some of the angel and alternative investment basics and fundamentals, as well as tools and instruments utilized. More importantly, it will provide practical steps on how to approach fundraising and get access to capital for Eastern European startups and small businesses without relocating to Silicon Valley or other top investment friendly regions.

The presentation is based on extensive speaker’s experience as entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, and mentor operating in such diverse places as Chicago, San Francisco, New York in US and Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Poland in Eastern Europe.

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Starta Ventures

Starta Ventures is a seed stage fund located in New York. They are investing instartups with European R&D roots.

Their main mission is to introduce European startups to best practices, trusted advisers and mentors, and overcome cultural differences through a customized educational program at Starta Accelerator. We help startups to gain traction in U.S. and become part of the local startup and investing ecosystem. Diversity is one of our strong points: 80+ portfolio companies with founders coming from Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Slovakia, Moldova, and Russia.


Location of event

Royal Plaza


Belarus, Minsk, Pobeditelei Ave. 7A, 15 floor, 44 office

18:00 - 20:00

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